FTTH delivers premium high-definition TV

Fibre connection at 100Mbps has room for cheap HD TV

Broadband internet connections in Japan are so fast and ubiquitous, it seems almost redundant to use the ‘B word’ to describe them – after all, broad is a relative term. More important concerns are what can be done with all those fat pipes.

Take the latest fibre-based internet service from NTT Plala, a division of the country’s major telecoms provider. Hikari TV (


means ‘light’, as in the light that carries the digital signal down a fibre-optic cable) kicks off next month as an alternative to over-the-air broadcasts.

Pennies per month

The streaming high-definition shows come in multi-channel and movie VoD packages that start at ¥2,625 (£12.75) per month on top of the basic ISP charge.

Considering that a 100Mbps cable into the home costs a similar monthly fee, the Japanese are looking at something of a bargain when compared with typical UK charges. We’ll spare you any more painful details.