Classic comeback? These four Nokia phones are rumored for MWC 2017

Why hello, old friend

Four Nokia phones are set to hit the stage at MWC 2017 in just a few weeks, according to a new report from a reliable leaker, and one may give you flashbacks of mobile years gone by.

HMD, the Finnish company that owns the rights to the Nokia phones brand, will lift the lid on a quartet of devices at the big Barcelona mobile show, a source briefed on the plans tells Evan Blass of VentureBeat.

While three of the phones aren't likely to get your pulse racing, the fourth one might, if only for memories' sake.

HMD is said to be readying a new take on the Nokia 3310, a feature phone we once called the greatest phone of all time. Smaller and more compact than its predecessor - the 3210 - the 3310 won over many in the early 2000s with its swappable fascias, overall resiliency, fully internal antenna and affordability.

Affordability will be a hallmark of this Nokia 3310 redux as it's said to go for €59 (about $62, £50, AU$81), a price that could be worth paying just to play a few rounds of Snake and send some SMS texts again.

New school Nokia

The three other Nokia handsets rumored for MWC are not, sadly, remakes of favorite classics. The first is actually on the market as we speak: the Nokia 6 features Android 7 Nougat, 64GB of storage, 4GB of RAM, a 5.5-inch Full HD display and all metal uni-body design. It also goes for the pocket-friendly price of ¥1699 (about $245, £200, AU$335) in China, the only place it's currently on sale. 

While HMD may simply talk up the Nokia 6 at MWC, there's a strong chance the firm announces its wider availability. Blass' source even has a price for the phone: €249 (about $265, £210, AU$345). 

The next two devices are said to be the Nokia 5 and Nokia 3. Described as "downmarket", these phones will run Android Nougat but have less hearty specs than the headlining Nokia 6.

While the Nokia 5 will supposedly share the Nokia 6's Snapdragon 430 processor, its screen will only reach 5.2-inches at a resolution of 720p, according to the report. With 2GB of RAM and a rear camera knocked down a few megapixels, the Nokia 5 will also cost less at €199 (about $210, £170, AU$275).

Rounding out these numbered Nokias is the Nokia 3, the bottom rung of the lineup with a price, at least to start, of €149 (about $160, £130, AU$205). 

As you can probably guess by the pricing info, HMD is reportedly focusing on Europe with these new Nokia handsets, and it's unknown whether North America is in the company's launch plans down the road, or at all. 

We'll find out more at HMD's February 26 press event, where the firm promises to let us in on "the next exciting chapter in the Nokia consumer story." That new chapter, it seems, includes a page from Nokia's old playbook.



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