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Kedisoft MacSnapper 1.0.4 review

Creating docs is a breeze with MacSnapper, but setting up templates is tough

Create snapshot based manuals and save them as PDFs with this handy piece of software

Our Verdict

Dashing off tutorial style documents is very easy, but awkward templates let it down


  • Very fast, easy authoring
  • Built-in screenshot tools


  • Editing isn't WYSIWYG
  • Creating templates is complex

For those who regularly need to create templated, screenshot-based manuals or tutorials for print, PDF or web distribution, MacSnapper can make the task fast and easy. If your ambitions are more complex, trying to force MacSnapper to do a job it wasn't designed for leads to frustration.

Creating new sections and pages (Lessons and Sub Lessons in MacSnapper parlance), taking and placing screenshots or saved images, adding simple graphics, and entering text are all straightforward, with most things you need available on the toolbar.

Unfortunately, you're not working in WYSIWYG (you need to switch to Preview mode), but there are a few nice ideas to speed up your work, such as a slider for resizing images. You can export in HTML, PDF and WordPress formats.

Designing templates is a complex task requiring knowledge of HTML and XML. The user lacking those skills will be stuck with the limitations of MacSnapper's templates. Modifying the templates is too fiddly to be worthwhile for single projects.

MacSnapper comes into its own when you want to produce many image-based documents with the same basic design, or perhaps have one member of a group fix the design then let others generate the content. In these instances, MacSnapper's ease of use may justify the relatively high price for what is a very basic application.

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