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Free phone call website fails to connect

Free phone calls around the world? Not yet.
Free phone calls around the world? Not yet.

Fancy free international phones over normal landlines, without any VOIP hassles, registration or headsets?

Freebuzzer ( is offering just that, via a website that connects any two phone numbers in over 40 countries via a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) link.

Destinations include the USA and most European countries, plus countries as far afield as Taiwan, Malaysia and Australia.

Two minutes - too short?

The service allows up to three calls to be set up by one computer every day, lasting up to two minutes each, and is supported by advertising and 'special offers' for callers.

However, in TechRadar tests, we found ourselves to complete a single call, receiving only 'connecting...' and then 'no answer' or 'not connected' error messages.

Check it out and let us know if you can get it work, as free ad-hoc international calls is a tempting offer, even in this ultra-connected day and age.

Freebuzzer is a service from VOIP provider Voipax, based in Germany.