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Samsung pioneers LED rear-projection TVs

The HL-T5087S is the first Samsung rear-projection TV to use LED as its back-light

Samsung is releasing a new range of rear-projection HD TVs that use LED as their lighting source.

A traditional rear-projection TV uses a lamp to light the screen. Samsung's LED models will be slimmer, cheaper to run, support 1080p - the highest standard of HD - and have more natural colour reproduction.

Lamp-based models require the user to change the bulb regularly. Crucially, this is not the case with the new LED models.

The 50-inch HL-T5087S, 56-inch HL-T5687S and 61-inch HL-T6187S have a depth of between 13.4 and 15.4 inches. Samsung is claiming that's thin enough to mount the sets on a wall.

Alongside these are three lamp-based models; the HL-T5076S, HL-T5676S and the HL-T6176S.

There are no UK release details available yet, but all six sets are due for release in the US later this year.