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Daredevil gets a second season on Netflix

Daredevil is in with a bullet in our best Netflix shows
Daredevil is in with a bullet in our best Netflix shows

Netflix has announced that its huge new Marvel superhero show Daredevil has been given a second season.

The lavishly produced and really rather wonderful Daredevil has captivated the TechRadar office, and is another big landmark series in the ever-changing nature of television.

Daredevil is the story of a hero left blind by an accident with nuclear goop, starring Charlie Cox as Matt Murdoch.

It's so good we've already added it to our '25 best Netflix TV shows' and now we can look forward to Daredevil's next set of adventures.

Former Buffy alum Doug Petrie will be dishing up (sorry) the new series as showrunner, along with Marco Ramirez, with Steve DeKnight stepping away due to prior commitments.

Netflix will be bringing even more superhero shows from Marvel in the coming months, with AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Defenders all slated for this year and next. And now that's been joined by a second series of Daredevil.

Via Marvel