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Digital cameras and cars to fuel mobile broadband surge

Mobile broadband set to explode
Mobile broadband set to explode

A new study is predicting that cameras and cars will be integral to the rise in devices hooking up to mobile broadband and that by 2016 a cool 1 billion devices will be 'connected'.

There's been many a report on the future of connected devices, and this latest study by the UMTS Forum seems to be the most conservative in regards to just how many devices will be hooking up to mobile broadband in the future.

Back in August 2010, another study was released that looked at both mobile and the traditional web and noted that some 22 billion devices would be internet savvy by 2020.

Web wise

Both studies agreed that cars and cameras will help fuel this surge in web connectivity, with the UMTS forum noting: "The future growth of the mobile communications and CE industries are intrinsically linked.

"Over the next few years, mobile broadband will enable the cost-effective deployment of 'always on' devices for the consumer."

Currently there are a small crop of cameras that have web connectivity, including the latest Panasonic Lumix range.

Via PhotoRadar