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Heathrow Express drives Wi-Fi underground

You can now spend the 15-minute journey onboard the Heathrow Express checking out the latest news stories

If you're really pushed for things to do during the 15-minute journey from London Paddington to Heathrow Airport using the Heathrow Express link, then help is now at hand.

Mobile operator T-Mobile , wireless mobile provider Nomad Digital and Heathrow Express have teamed up to offer Wi-Fi internet on the trains in and out of London using WiMAX technology.

Launching next week, the Wi-Fi service will offer 8Mbit/s connection speeds throughout the journey between London and the airport, including the entire stretch of the 6km tunnel section.

This is the first time that WiMAX technology has been used underground for high-speed communications anywhere in the world. WiMAX provides a single streamed network for internet connection, and works like a mobile network for the web.

As of next year, Nokia is to develop WiMAX-enabled phones, while Intel has promised its first dual-mode Wi-Fi and WiMAX chip for next year.