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VoIP to kill your landline

Making calls using landline phones is rapidly losing its appeal - thanks to the rise of services like VoIP

Voice calls won't be the main source of income for communication companies soon - we will use VoIP, file sharing, video calls, IPTV and other internet services far more, a survey has found.

The research by Oracle and the Economist Intelligence Unit found operators believe this change will happen within the next four years, sparking major concerns for operators as how best to find new customers.

The survey found 65 per cent of the communication executives it queried said triple-play offerings were important or critical to their continued involvement in the industry. Triple-play typically offers broadband, landline telephone and TV services through one connection.

The survey also found over half the executives polled would consider mergers and acquisitions with mobile operators as moves they're most likely to pursue.

"The global communications industry is changing drastically and rapidly," said Denis McCauley, director of global technology research with the Economist Intelligence Unit.

"Our survey results illustrate a sense of urgency for fixed-line and wireless service providers to deliver new services for their customers in order to remain competitive."