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SanDisk launches 64GB microSD card

SansDisk launches 64GB microSD card
Mega memory, tiny body

SanDisk has announced a massive upgrade to its microSD line-up, with the arrival of the SanDisk Mobile Ultra 64GB microSDXC card.

SanDisk isn't the first to announce this type of capacity in the microSD format – Kingmax earns that crown – but it will be the first to market for a whopping $219.99 (£139).

Thanks for the memory

The new cards use the SDXC format which was only announced back in 2009.

Because of this, there are little-to-no phone manufacturers that have come out to say their handsets support the format – most are compatible with the less capacious SDHC variant.

Given that SDXC can potentially hold up to 2TB of data and it is seen as the future for microSD, however, we should see some compatibility in the near future.

For now, though, we will all just have to marvel at how they managed to fit 64GB of data on to something so small – it's a mere 15x11x1.0mm.