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Galaxy Note 5 pops up with code name 'Project Noble'

Galaxy Note 4 Samsung

Samsung has never hesitated to put out as many phones as possible and see what sticks, and now two more new devices from the company have appeared.

The SM-G928S appears to be a new Galaxy S6 variant, and the SM-N920F is likely the Galaxy Note 5, according to SamMobile.

These model numbers popped up in an IMEI database. Based on Samsung's naming conventions they do point to the company's flagship and Note lines; the standard S6 has the model number SM-G920, and the Note 4 is the SM-N910.

According to the site's sources, the Note 5 is code named "Project Noble," while the S6 variant is being called "Project Zen" internally.

It's inevitable

There's nothing else to learn about the two new Samsung phones at this point, besides the inevitable fact that the smartphone industry marches ever onward.

In other words, Samsung continues to work on new phones, and they'll be revealed at some point down the road.

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