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Customer satisfaction with mobile phone networks soars

Satisfaction guaranteed. Or is it?
Satisfaction guaranteed. Or is it?

Mobile phone companies have upped their customer service according to new research from Ofcom, which shows that customer satisfaction with their mobile network is generally higher than average.

The research, which involved 3,000 interviews with consumers, showed that O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone have all improved their customer satisfaction significantly compared to 2009's findings.

The one blot on the networks' copy book came from 3, which was found to have more fault issues and garner more complaints than average; however, its overall customer satisfaction was still fairly high, at 63 per cent.

I want to speak to the manager

Ofcom also looked at landline, broadband and pay TV providers; TalkTalk takes home the wooden spoon, with almost a quarter of its customers dissatisfied with its landline service, and 23 per cent unhappy with the broadband service.

On the Pay TV front, customers' satisfaction with Sky has improved, but Virgin Media's customers are more dissatisfied with the company's customer service than they were in 2009.

Consumer Group Director, Claudio Pollack, explained the reasoning behind the research: "By publishing this research we want to give consumers an insight into the standard of customer service being offered across the communications sector.

"The more information of this kind consumers have, the more effectively they can exercise their choice."