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Phone makers team up to energy rate handsets

Al Gore will be most pleased
Al Gore will be most pleased

The world's biggest phone manufacturers have got together and come up with a rating system that helps you to know how much power you could be wasting when charging their handsets.

Nokia, Motorola, LG, Samsung and Sony Ericsson have agreed a five star energy rating system, which is part of an initiative running through the whole industry to help stop communication-based products from wasting electricity.

The new rating system is designed to help users know how much energy is being wasted by leaving a mobile phone charger plugged in even when the phone is disconnected.

Star power

The system will indicate how much energy is being used by the charger when not in use, with the best performers getting five stars and the sluggish, energy-hungry units getting a less-than-impressed one star.

Recent handsets, such as the Nokia N96 and Samsung i8510, have added a little warning message when users disconnect their phones, prompting them to remove the charger as well.

Other manufacturers have pledged to follow suit as well, meaning that hopefully the amount of energy consumed by mobile phones could drop by up to two-thirds, which is roughly the amount wasted by unattended chargers.