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New iCE phone folds three times

Three panels.... are you mad??
Three panels.... are you mad??

At the 3GSM event in Macau, TheMedicalPhone showed off a new flip device, the iCEPhone, which extended outwards not once, but twice.

The device has a gaming style keypad and a full QWERTY keyboard, as well as a three inch touchscreen to boot, so even if you accidentally break one interface, there's always another to back you up on this WinMo-powered handset.

This bizarre device was designed with the emergency services in mind, which is shown by the presence of a key that automatically sends GPS and other info to local emergency services.


The handset is also covered in a ruggedised casing, which is designed to protect it from splashes and shocks.

The iCEPhone will cost around $1,000 (£667) when released in Q2 2009, although there's no word of when or if it will be released in Britain.

By the way, examples of things which the button should be used for: trapped on a mountain, down a well, in grave danger. Things it should not: In bed and unable to get up as you are too drunk but still really want a burger.