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Web dominates TIME's 'Best Inventions' list

Time magazine releases Best Inventions list
Time magazine releases Best Inventions list

While a retail DNA test may have taken the top spot in this year's 'TIME's Best Inventions of 2008', it's internet-based inventions that dominate the list.

The web is responsible for around a fifth of the US magazine's selection, with such crazy inventions as 'disemvowling' – the net phenomenon of taking vowels out of obnoxious words to make them less obscene – and, the VoD website that's hugely popular in the US, gaining a coveted place in the top 50.

Other web-based inventions include Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, the cult Joss Whedon web musical and A-Space, the Facebook-like website for US spies.

Google also gets a mention, not because of its web output but its proposed 'floating data centre', which hits the list at number 47.

Cars and robots

And it's not just the internet that gets numerous mentions, there's three types of electric car (well, one's a scooter) and four spaces for robotic or bionic contraptions.

And to top it all off, UK Chef Heston Blumenthal and his sound-enhanced food gets a name check at number 49. He may not have invented the lightbulb, but his sound-infused grub seems to be a hit with TIME magazine's staff.