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Google Wifi single pack is now just £99 for Black Friday

Google Wifi is an easy-to-use and stylish router offering excellent performance, and Amazon has knocked £25 off the asking price just in time for Black Friday, dropping the cost to £99.

This is for a single unit that will provide fast Wi-Fi across small homes, with Google suggesting that buildings up to 85 square metres are suitable.

However, you can use a number of Google Wifi units to cover larger homes, with packs of two and three units available.

With this price cut, buying two single Google Wifi units will cost £198, while a pack of two costs £223, so you're still getting a decent discount, even if you want to cover a larger property.

It's also a more affordable way of expanding the range of your network if you already have a Google Wifi setup.

This deal expires on Monday November 26 at midnight, but as with other Amazon deals stock may run out before then.

Google Wifi single pack £124.99 £99 at Amazon
Google's stylish and compact router is one of our favourite Wi-Fi routers, and with this £25 price cut it's now much more affordable. This is for a single unit, but the price cut makes it cheaper to buy multiple units individually if you want wider coverage. This deal ends at midnight on November 26.
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