LG's amazing OLED TVs could make you £100K richer

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LG makes the world's best OLED TVs. According to Techradar, the LG C series OLED is currently the best OLED TV for most people – and the LG B and G series all feature in the best-buy guide too. And no wonder: LG's OLED TVs are famed for their incredible images, vivid video and picture perfection.  

As if that wasn't impressive enough, right now when you buy your LG OLED TV from Currys you'll get a guaranteed cash prize of up to £100K. That's not a typo. We really do mean one hundred thousand pounds. Everyone wins a cash prize, and everyone's a winner: even if you don't walk away with the top prize you'll definitely be walking away with a top TV.


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Why LG OLED TVs are the best TVs you can buy

OLED TVs deliver the best visuals of any TV technology. That's because they use a much more precise kind of panel than traditional LED TVs, and the difference it makes to what you see on screen is extraordinary.

It's all about light. Every pixel that makes up the image on your TV needs to be illuminated, and with traditional LCD TVs that illumination comes from a backlight at the back and/or edges of the TV. The backlight or edge lighting is needed because the pixels in that kind of TV can't light themselves. That works pretty well, but even with the smartest processors working overtime it can't deliver the precise lighting of OLED. 

With any backlit or edge-lit TV, some light is going to leak into areas where it's not wanted. That means the darkest parts of the picture can't be as dark as you'd really want them to be. And that's where OLED comes in. 

With OLED, there's no backlight. Instead, each individual pixel - more than 8 million of them in a 4K TV - self-lights. That means incredible picture precision, and even more importantly it means much better contrast. With an OLED TV, when parts of the image darken each individual pixel in that section can be switched off completely. Because the pixels in that area aren't lit and don't have an external light source like a backlit or edge-lit TV, that means the blackest areas are truly black rather than shades of dark grey. 

Alongside that exceptional contrast, OLED also delivers exceptional colour accuracy. Together they make an enormous difference to everything. Your movies, your TV shows, your streaming and your games all really pop on an OLED TV.


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Incredible power for incredible pictures

There's even more to LG's OLED TVs than those self-lighting pixels. LG's cutting-edge evo technology boosts the brightness and delivers class-leading sharpness for true brilliance and clarity no matter what you're watching. And with exceptionally powerful image processing and upscaling via the advanced LG Alpha9 Gen 6 processor, LG TVs can automatically detect and optimise the content you're watching for the ultimate picture and sound experience. 

When you see all the cutting-edge tech LG packs into its OLED TVs, it's no wonder that LG has been the world's favourite OLED brand for 10 years running*. 

Amazing OLEDs for every home and every budget too

LG makes incredible OLED TVs for every home and for every kind of viewing, and it organises them into four different ranges. The B series is where you'll find the most affordable OLEDs and all the features you need to enjoy amazing entertainment. The C series is the next step up, with even more powerful processing and upgraded gaming. The G series is where you'll find the very latest cutting-edge TV technology including Brightness Booster Max for LG’s brightest OLED ever plus the stunning One Wall design, and the Z Series is OLED's astonishing 8K TV with four times the pixels of a 4K TV. 

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The best place to buy the best TV

When it comes to buying your LG OLED TV, there's no better place to buy it than Currys. That's because Currys' unbeatable mix of stellar customer service, flexible delivery and collection, guaranteed price matching and no-quibble returns policy means you're getting a great TV with great customer service for a great price. And for a limited time, if you buy your LG OLED TV from Currys you're guaranteed that exciting cash prize too: from £25 to a life-changing £100K.

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* Source: Omdia. Unit shipments, 2013-2022. Results are not an endorsement of LG Electronics. Any reliance on these results is at the third-party’s own risk. Visit https://www.omdia.com/ for more details.