Black Mirror season 6 is a hit on Netflix, but it's not the breakout TV show of the week

best netflix uk movies - never have I ever
Never Have I Ever has been the most watched Netflix show for two weeks in a row. (Image credit: Netflix)

Black Mirror season six started streaming on Netflix last week and has proved to be a hit. While the TV show clocked the most viewing hours last week, it's not the most popular show on the world's best streaming service right now. 

That accolade goes to season four of Never Have I Ever, which racked up a massive 11.5 million views – 300,000 more than Charlie Brooker's dystopian drama. The new season of the show has sparked a heated debate among Netflix fans, which could be why it hasn't shot to the top as many might have expected. 

The number of views a TV show receives is also a new metric in Netflix's weekly Top 10 charts, which previously told us how many hours were viewed but not by how many people. According to Netflix, combining viewing hours with total views ensures that really long shows don't get an unfair advantage and is "our best measure of member satisfaction". And Never Have I Ever is a good example of that. Black Mirror may have racked up more viewing hours, but that's because it has a longer runtime. 

Who's winning the streaming wars this week?

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan's lovable comedy-drama rules the roost among English speaking TV shows, with the new season in first place, the first season in eighth place and the third season in tenth place. Black Mirror follows closely behind at number two and the Arnold Schwarzenegger limited series ARNOLD takes third place. Meanwhile, David Attenborough's strikingly beautiful nature show Our Planet II makes its debut this week at number four.

Manifest has fallen six places this week, down to number seven, despite the fact that last week Netflix viewers couldn't get enough of the mystery TV show. Tex Mex Motors and FUBAR both sit above it in the streaming chart, and there's another new entry at number nine: Amy Schumer's Emergency Contact.

As for movies, there's no surprise there. Extraction 2 is at number one with 42.8 million views, followed by the first Extraction movie, and gritty, ultra-violent revenge drama Paw Patrol: The Movie comes in third with 6.6 million views (I may have mixed up the show descriptions there).

The movie chart is a really mixed bag this week, with The Boss Baby at four, Assassin's Creed at five, The Mother at six and The Angry Birds Movie at seven. The final three most watched movies are all thrillers: Abduction, Shooter and Prisoners are in at eight, nine and ten, respectively.

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