Lebara Mobile: what is it and how good are its SIM only deals and plans?

Lebara Mobile
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Lebara Mobile is a well-known name in the world of SIM plans. Thanks to its international reputation, flexible contracts and long history in the industry, it has likely popped up in your search for a new SIM.

But what actually is Lebara, are its offers any good and is it the right option for you? Lebara has a few features that make it stand out but the most unique is its international minutes.

Across all of its plans, Lebara offers up calls to other countries at no extra cost - a feature not seen with other UK SIM only deals. Along with that, it offers low costs, 1-month rolling contracts and is one of the few networks that doesn't do credit checks.

Want to know more about Lebara Mobile and see what kind of SIM plans it can offer? Below you'll find out everything you need to know about the network and all of its benefits.

Lebara Mobile: frequently asked questions

What is Lebara?

Lebara is a network that has been going for quite a while, starting way back in 2001. It is possibly best known for being an international friendly provider, offering international minutes and focusing on communication across countries.

The brand has expanded a lot since then and now offers a wide range of plans with flexible contracts and a host of data points, even throwing in unlimited data SIM only deals.

How wide is Lebara's coverage?

Lebara is an MVNO meaning it doesn't actually have its own network and instead borrows from another. Currently, Lebara uses the Vodafone network for all of its plans.

That means it has a UK coverage of roughly 98%. While it doesn't have some of the benefits of Vodafone SIM only deals like VeryMe reward schemes, it has the same coverage, speeds and reliability.

What benefits does Lebara offer?

Lebara is one of many networks in the UK that offer 1-month rolling contracts. This means you can leave your contract at any time without having to pay off a load of months, and can switch if you find a better deal.

Lebara also doesn't perform credit checks and currently doesn't use price hikes so once you're in a contract, that is the price you'll be paying. Another nice benefit is that Lebara frequently produces "half price bills" offers. These provide discounted costs for a set number of months.

However, the company's main benefit is its international minutes. These range from 100 through to unlimited depending on the plan and allow you to make inclusive calls to 41 countries.

Lebara Mobile

Can I hotspot on Lebara?

Yes, Lebara Mobile does allow you to tether devices to your SIM plan connection. However, like many other low data networks, Lebara does advise against it and warns you to be wary when doing so of your connection and your data cap.

Is Lebara Mobile good?

In a nutshell, yes. Lebara is a good network. It has been around for years and has established itself well. It has an absolutely exceptional score on TrustPilot coming out at 4.6 out of 5.

Like many other networks, it uses one of the four core networks for its coverage and connections. Because of this, you know you'll be getting good speeds and connection in most places.

Does Lebara do 5G deals?

Unfortunately, Lebara is yet to offer any 5G SIM only deals. However, with the majority of MVNOs now offering 5G in some format, we would imagine Lebara will follow suit relatively soon.

What other SIM only deals are out there?

While there's no doubt that Lebara has some great value, you might be wondering what else is available. Well luckily, now is a great time to grab a SIM only offer. With affordable options at each level of data, you are spoilt for choice.

You can see the best offers in the chart below.

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