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TMPGEnc 4 Express review

Quality video conversions - but not for beginners

Make the most of your videos with this powerful tool

Our Verdict

If you understand the technology this professional tool delivers the ultimate in quality video conversions


  • Fast and reliable
  • Excellent editor
  • Filters to optimise your video


  • Too complicated for beginners

No, that's not a misprint, TMPGEnc 4.0 Express really does cost more than three times as much as the competition. Even though it only reads .avi, .mpeg, .wmv and .mov files, and writes .avi, .mpeg and .wmv. So what do you get for your money?

Speed and reliability seem a good place to start. TMPGEnc 4 Express had the fastest engine among those we tested and successfully and accurately encoded all of our test files. There's an excellent editor - with automatic scene detection - that can be used to set the start and end frame for any clip, or cut out chunks of the clip that you don't need.

The editor also comes with filters to optimise your video, including video noise reduction, audio noise reduction, colour correction and volume adjustment. There are a staggering range of video tweaks, from resolution, rate and the precise video data rate, to the low-level details like quantisation matrix, GOP structure, audio error detection and more.

Not for beginners, then, but if you understand the technology then this professional tool will deliver the ultimate in quality video conversions. Mike Williams