Gear4 Jumpsuit Grip review

Protect your iPhone with a rugged cover

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Our Verdict

Good for protection, but the cover brings limits to the iPhone's usability


  • Provides good protection
  • Good value


  • No gaps for volume control

Scared of dropping your iPhone and damaging that gorgeous exterior? You could do worse than slipping it into its own stylised superhero suit.

This case is covered in a tyre-like tread so grippy that we reckon it would stick fast to Lewis Hamilton's dashboard.

Tough case

Once the case is on, most of the functionality is unaffected by the extra protection. There's a good few millimetres of space around the camera lens, so it doesn't get in the way when taking pics. There's also space for accessing the Silent Mode switch, and a large gap in the bottom to access the connector and speakers.

But things go downhill for the volume controls and the Hold button. There are no gaps – just raised bits on the case signalling where to press, and you've got to push quite hard to get them to work.

Over the course of a single day we found our fingers getting very tired by this, let alone over a lifetime.