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Samsung INNOV8 in Carphone Warehouse

The Samsung i8510
The Samsung i8510

The Carphone Warehouse will be bringing what could be the most feature-rich mobile phone, the Samsung i8510, exclusively to the UK.

Dubbed the INNOV8 in most other countries, it seems the naming gods have smiled kindly on the UK to save us from that awful moniker, instead sticking to the tried-and-tested numbers and letters format.

Likely to be launched in the UK around September this year, the retail price for this device, which features nearly every high-end feature a phone can pack, will be around £500 before subsidy.

Best in class

Already reviewed to high acclaim, the Samsung i8510 will boast an 8MP camera, accelerometer and optical mouse, 16GB internal memory, FM radio with RDS, GPS and a 2.8-inch high resolution screen.

In fact, if we found out it could help humans learn to fly we wouldn't be that surprised.

It also houses a 1200mAh battery to keep you juiced up for a much longer time than most. It's fair to say we're excited...