The best cheap TV sales and 4K TV deals in the UK - March 2019

Cheap TVs and the best TV sales and deals in the UK

We've been super busy this week adding lots of highlights of the very best cheap TV sales. TV prices on some fantastic Ultra HD 4K TVs have been dropping nicely in recent months in the UK. We've got you covered if you're looking for TV deals in the US too.

We've tried to find something for everyone here. So we've got you covered for multiple size categories and we've looked at both ends of the pricing scale so you can get a cheap TV on a low budget, or you might find a higher quality set for a lower price than you expected - although those super new 8K models aren't coming down any time soon. Not to worry though, as some of these HDR 4K TV deals will make your jaw drop.

And with the bleak weather and long nights doggedly sticking around and your Netflix watch list getting longer and longer all the time you may as well settle down for the rest of winter and enjoy them with a lovely TV. Netflix, Amazon, Sky TV and the like are all increasing their 4K content too so you won't be short on Ultra HD content to watch.

We keep our eye on the latest TV deals throughout the year, so we're poised to find you the best price whenever the need to replace your old TV arises. We're fully behind the 4K TV movement too as a competitive market has seen prices reach affordable levels much quicker than when HD tellies first came around. One look at the prices below and you'll see what we mean. So much so, we'll rarely even mention regular HD TVs here seeing as Ultra HD TV deals are so cheap today.

Finding you the best cheap TV deal

We've split our carefully curated 4K TV deals into different size categories immediately after our pick for cheap TV deal of the week. Whatever your budget, we're sure we can find something for you. 

Note: all of our selected TV sales highlights are for 4K/Ultra HD TVs and include a built-in freeview tuner as standard. Pretty much every deal comes with Smart TV functionality built-in along with HDR technology. If they don't, we'll clearly mention it.

TV deal of the week

Samsung UE65NU7300 65-inch curved HDR 4K TV | Now £699
Save £180 today. Not only is this a fantastic price for a 65-inch Samsung TV from Samsung, but it also has a curved screen. Curved screens are super immersive, and even more so when they're this size. they're best viewed head-on though as the picture's brightness can dim at the sides if you're watching at an angle.
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The best cheap TV deals you can buy today

Hisense H43AE6100UK cheap tv prices sales deals

40-49 inch

Hisense H43A6250UK 43-inch HDR 4K TV | Now £299
£20 less than last week. This is a new model from Hisense and the reviews have been strong too. You're getting a 4K screen with HDR features, which is great news for gamers with a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X. Movie/TV fans can enjoy the same high quality visuals via the built-in Netflix and Amazon Prime apps.
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LG 43UK6300PLB 43-inch 4K HDR TV | Now £349
Save £251 today. LG seems to have wandered into the cheap seats today as this is a mega low price for an LG of this size. Not that we're complaining, especially as it's a still quite new 2018 model.
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Toshiba 49U7863DB 49-inch 4K HDR TV | Now £349
49-inch TV deals are in good form this week and don't cost much more than the smaller 43-inch ones at all. If you're sat quite far from your TV, we'd consider starting your search at this size or above to be honest and when prices are this low there's no reason to suffer small screen sadness.
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Samsung UE49NU7100 49-inch 4K HDR TV | Now £386.90
Who would have thought that you'd be able to find a 4K 49-inch Samsung TV for under £400? That's the advantage of UK pricing being super competitive right now. This TV deal pulls no punches either with a 4K HDR screen with a suite of built-in smart apps.
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Samsung UE49NU7300 49-inch curved 4K TV | Now £399
£180 less today! Curved TVs are much more affordable nowadays and here's the proof. This 49-inch Samsung 4K TV is available for well under the previous £579. An excellent price for even a regular 49-inch Samsung screen, but you've gotta love those curves here.
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Sony Bravia KD43XF7596BU 43-inch HDR 4K TV | Now £528
If you want a decent sized picture but don't want to dedicate a whole wall to your TV, this Sony Bravia smart screen is a good choice - and a great price. It packs the same tech as larger sets, including Sony's excellent 4K upscaling and Google Assistant.
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Sony Bravia KD49XF9005BU 49-inch 4K HDR TV | Now £849.99
Now this one's quite the step up in terms of price compared to the other TV deals in this category, but we've had a look around at the critical consensus and the HDR quality of this 49-inch Bravia frankly batters the competition. This store has knocked £500 off the original RRP..
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4k tv sales

50-59 inch

Finlux 55-inch 4K HDR TV | Now £339.99
Finlux might not be the biggest name in 4K TVs, but at this price we were intrigued to take a look. Not only is this a great price for a 55-inch TV, but it's cheaper than the lowest priced 50-inch TV too this week.View Deal

Hisense H50A6250UK 50-inch 4K HDR TV | Now £349
£50 cheaper this week. This is a fantastic week for cheap TV sales in the 50-inch category and this 4K HDR model is making a strong argument for the best of the lot. What makes this one stand out from the similar Argos TV deals you ask? How about a reassuring two-year warranty?
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Samsung UE50NU7020 50-inch 4K HDR TV | Now £397
If you want a 50-inch 4K TV from Samsung then you'll have to pay a little more for the privilege, but not an awful lot more to be honest. Plus it is one of the best brands in TVs right now.
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Toshiba 55U6863DB 55-inch HDR 4K TV | Now £429
This is a great price for a 55-inch 4K TV with an HDR screen as we rarely see them did below the £500 barrier at this time of year. Not only has John Lewis got the best price around, there's a massive five-year warranty covering the TV too.
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Hisense H55A6200UK 55-inch 4K TV | Now £429
We do love seeing quality 55-inch TV deals coming in way under £500 and this one from Hisense is a real sale highlight. If You'd prefer a slightly more recognisable brand, you're in look this week as there are some 55-inch Samsung and Philips models below for not much more money.
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Samsung UE55NU7100 55-inch HDR 4K TV | Now £437.90
Amazon has just knocked £54 off this excellent 4K Samsung Smart TV. That's a stunning price, especially given this is the 2018 model which cost over £700 less than a year ago. You're getting the most recent version of Samung's excellent Smart Hub, which will run your streaming apps like a dream. Dynamic Crystal Colour and HDR 10+ will be a fine match for modern gamers too.
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Hisense H58AE6100UK 58-inch HDR 4K TV | Now £449
Save £100 today. 58-inch 4K TV deals are a rare size to find nowadays, but we'd welcome this into our homes at this price for sure thanks to the hefty discount from Currys. It's not just the large HDR10-enabled screen that caught our eye, but there's a two-year guarantee too.
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Samsung 55NU8500 55-inch curved 4K TV | Now £674.76
Curved TVs have really come down in price recently and this is a great price for a 55-inch model. Usually we'd be all over this, but you can actually get a very similar curved Samsung TV this week, but at an even bigger 65-inches for just £699. Check out our Deal of the Week at the top of this article for more info on that one.
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Philips 55POS9002 55-inch Ambilight OLED 4K TV | Now £999
An OLED TV with Ambilight technology for under a grand? That's not happening? Oh wait, it just did. This was £200 more expensive last time we looked. If you want a decent sized screen to show off some high end visuals with coloured lighting adding extra ambience on to nearby walls, this is a stunning option.
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LG OLED55B8PLA 55-inch smart 4K HDR OLED TV | £1799 £1299
This particular model is exclusive to Currys, but its specs compare favourably with some of LG's best models, with Dolby Vision and Atmos sound, 4K upscaling and Google Assistant built in. With £500 off, it's a great deal. Check out our review if you need more convincing.
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Sony Bravia KD55AF8BU 55-inch OLED 4K HDR TV | Now £1699
Save £200 today. When we reviewed this Sony Bravia we were impressed by its outstanding picture processing, stunning black levels and clever audio system that provides rounded, detailed sound.
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Samsung UE65MU6220

60-85 inch

Hisense H65A6200UK 65-inch 4K HDR TV | Now £629
Hisense is another strong contender for your cash this week if you're after a large-screen TV deal. This really is amazing value for a 4K TV deal of this size. You're still getting a 60Hz HDR panel too instead of the 50Hz non-HDR ones we sometimes see on the cheaper end of the scale.
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Toshiba 65U6863DB 65-inch 4K HDR TV | Now £649
While a fair bit more than the Techwood TV deal we mentioned, this one from Toshiba comes with a HDR panel. So it's well worth considering, especially if you're going to be gaming with the latest Xbox One X or PS4 Pro consoles. Plus select content from Netflix and Amazon will pop with that extra colour range HDR offers.
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LG 65UK6300PLB 65-inch 4K TV | Now £650
LG TVs are amongst the best out there and that often keeps the prices high. Not today though as this HDR10 4K smart TV with a huge 65-inch screen is available for just £650. Considering this was £1399 not so long ago, that's one hell of a deal.
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Samsung UE65NU7300 65-inch curved HDR 4K TV | Now £699
Save £180 today. Not only is this a fantastic price for a 65-inch Samsung TV from Samsung, but it also has a curved screen. Curved screens are super immersive, and even more so when they're this size. they're best viewed head-on though as the picture's brightness can dim at the sides if you're watching at an angle.
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LG 75UK6200PLB 75-inch HDR 4K TV | Now £1099
Well, looks we have a winner for the cheaper 75-inch 4K TV deal this week and it's left the next best deals from Samsung and Sony for dead at this astonishingly low price. Amazing value considering you're getting TruMotion tech and Google Assistant built in to this gorgeous HDR10 4K screen.
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Samsung UE75NU8000 75-inch 4K HDR TV | Now £1695
We do love how big the discounts on massive tellies get when they eventually come around. Amazon has just knocked £905 off this epic 75-inch Samsung TV. Stock surely can't last long at this price.
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Sony Bravia KD75XF8596 75-inch 4K HDR LED TV | Now £1899
Currys has added a fantastic five year guarantee on this enormous TV. It's a whole lot of screen, and has Google Assistant built in. Better yet, it's £400 cheaper today than a few weeks ago.
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LG OLED65B8PLA 65-inch 4K HDR OLED TV | Now £1999
Now £300 cheaper than last month. Currys has just knocked a huge amount off this gorgeous OLED TV model. OLED TV prices are considerably more expensive than regular LED 4K TV deals for sure, but they offer the best screens in the business. So if you want the best possible category of TV for 4K and HDR, then OLED's the way to go.
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Sony Bravia KD65AF9BU 65-inch HDR OLED TV | Now £3099
Save £200 today. When we reviewed this Sony Master Series OLED TV, we called it a panel every 4K enthusiast would be lusting after. It delivers nuanced UHD HDR images, with impressive upscaling of SD content, and there's a big saving right now compared to the price a few weeks ago. A great buy.
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Sony Bravia XF8 85-inch LED TV | £3999 £2999
Sometimes 75-inches isn't enough. You're forking out a few thousand pounds for this Sony Bravia television and while it doesn't have the best contrast or HDR out there, if you're after a super-sized television, you could do worse than this £1000 saving.
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8K TV prices and deals

Samsung QE65Q900R 65-inch QLED HDR 3000 8K TV | Now £4799
That's right folks, 8K TVs are here! These incredible Samsung QLED TVs mark the first commercially- available 8K TVs in the UK and if you can afford the high cost, you're in for a treat. John Lewis is your best option too as you'll also get a free five-year guarantee and a complimentary wall-mount and installation. There's currently a promotion where you can get £500 cashback after purchasing too.
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Samsung QE75Q900R 75-inch QLED HDR 4000 8K TV | Now £6799
Oh, so 65-inches isn't enough? Well, if you're going to splash out on the UK's first 8K TV, then you may as well go big, like really big. This 75-inch beast comes with a free five-year guarantee and a complimentary wall-mount and installation too. If you're buying this, we'd very much like to be friends. There's currently a promotion where you can get £700 cashback after purchasing too.View Deal

Not found the right cheap TV for you today? Or maybe you'd prefer to directly browse the TV sales at your favourite retailers instead of our highlights of the best cheap TV deals? We're updating this page on a regular basis, so you may have better luck another day. If you want to take a look for yourself now though, here are the direct links to a the full collection of TV sales at multiple stores. 

More large screen 4K TV sales

If you're after more seriously large TV deals, we should warn you, they don't come cheap. However, if you want to see some more large screen TV deals -we're talking about 65 to 85-inch TVs- we'd recommend heading over to,  John Lewis, Currys and Amazon as they seem to stock more models than most UK retailers.