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Scots top broadband usage poll

Over 33 per cent of Scots have broadband

Aberdeenshire and Shetland are the first UK areas where broadband is connected to more than 50 per cent of all homes and businesses. That's according to new data released by BT Wholesale , the arm of the telco that supplies broadband to other companies.

Aberdeenshire leads the way, with 50.9 per cent absorption. Shetland is close by, with over 50.7 per cent of islanders having the technology in their homes and workplaces. Broadband penetration is highest in Scotland at 33.3 per cent - Stirling, Aberdeen and Moray are next in the list. The average level of UK penetration is 31.2 per cent.

Monmouthshire in Wales is next on the list with Oxfordshire following up.

Brendan Dick, BT Scotland director, said: "It says a great deal for Scotland and its people that it now boasts the five most switched-on local authority areas in the UK."