Roccat Burst Pro Air review

Speed, accuracy, and literal brilliance meet in the Roccat Burst Pro Air

Roccat Burst Pro Air mice in all their RGB lighting glory
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The Roccat Burst Pro Air is not cheap, but it offers a lot for the price. In fact, it’s a very powerful addition to any gaming setup. Its performance is top-notch, thanks to its speedy, accurate sensor and optical switches. Meanwhile, its wireless connectivity is lightning-fast. Though its PTFE sliding pads don’t quite hit the mark on certain surfaces, this mouse is generally a pleasure to use.


  • +

    Excellent performance

  • +

    Gorgeous RGB lighting


  • -

    Doesn’t work well on all surfaces

  • -

    Not cheap

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Our Roccat Burst Pro Air review will show you that this new offering from Roccat does almost everything right. Where wireless mice used to come with all sorts of compromises to get that untethered functionality, the Roccat Burst Pro Air sacrifices very little, so you can game wirelessly with almost no bounds. Its almost instantaneous actuation and wide DPI range are the stuff of gaming dreams. 

Meanwhile, this gaming mouse's RGB lighting, though limited in scope, is actually (and also literally) one of its more brilliant features. It also comes with enough customization options to satisfy most gamers, and puts a premium on ergonomics and comfort.

Like all peripherals, it’s not perfect. One or two features don’t quite measure up, and its price is a little high. However, most of what it does, it does very well, and its list of flaws is short and mostly minor. In many ways, the Roccat Burst Pro Air compares favorably with the best wireless gaming mice you can buy.

Roccat Burst Pro Air review: Price and availability

  • Pricey compared to other options
  • Lots of value considering the price
Roccat Burst Pro Air review: Specs

Connection: Wired / wireless
Ergonomics: Right-handed
Buttons: 5
DPI: 19,000
Switches: TTC optical
Weight: 2.8oz / 68 g

The Roccat Burst Pro Air, released at the tail end of April 2022, will set you back $99 / £89 / AU$169. That might seem like a hefty price tag, but considering its wireless connectivity, speedy performance, and light weight, we feel that it’s more than worth the cost of entry.

Yes, there are several gaming mice that cost much less, but they’ll either tether you to your desk or come with compromises for the sake of lowering the price. The Logitech G305, for example, only costs $59 (£51, AU$99), but you lose the ability to recharge the mouse, relying entirely on disposable batteries, and are limited to a much lower 19,000 DPI. There’s also no RGB on offer.

The Roccat Burst Pro Air mouse in all its RGB lighting glory

(Image credit: Future)

Let’s also not ignore the fact that there are also several popular options that cost quite a bit more than the Roccat Burst Pro Air. The Razer Basilisk Ultimate goes for $149 (£149, AU$279). That extra chunk of change will get you some more customization via its 14 programmable RGB zones and 11 remappable buttons compared to the Burst Pro Air’s four RGB zones and five buttons. But, the rest of the specs, like the Razer’s 20,000 DPI and 100 hours of battery life, are very similar.

Roccat Burst Pro Air review: Design and features

  • Medium size, light weight
  • Ergonomic, symmetrical design for easy use 

The Roccat Burst Pro Air is not the smallest mouse out there, measuring 120 x 58 x 38mm, but it’s far from the largest either. While its size took some getting used to due to this reviewer’s smaller hands, anyone with a bigger hand will find it just the right size.

Roccat Burst Pro Air mice in all their RGB lighting glory

(Image credit: Future)

At 81 grams, it’s also very easy to move around on a mousepad with minimal effort. It’s not perfectly balanced, as the body of the mouse is heavier than the front, but that’s by design. The wider body actually fits snugly in our palm. Add in its slightly tapered sides and a symmetrical shape that will suit both left- and right-handed users, and this is a mouse that’s as comfortable as it is light.

It's attractive as well. While the color options are only white or black, it comes with four customizable RGB zones that glow through a honeycomb pattern for a vibrant and bright display. And, unlike most other honeycomb mice we’ve tried, this mouse’s outer layer is a water- and dust-resistant bionic shell that protects against mishaps.

Roccat Burst Pro Air mice in all their RGB lighting glory

(Image credit: Future)

On the underside of the mouse is a toggle to switch between Bluetooth, Off, and Wireless connectivity, a pairing button, and a compartment to store the USB dongle for safe keeping, along with heat-treated PTFE gliding pads. The charging port is on the front of the mouse, to which you can connect a paracord braided USB-C cable that’s so flexible that we don’t have any issues using the mouse when it’s plugged in.

Speaking of customizability, its typical six-button layout is remappable via the Swarm App. Besides the left and right buttons and scroll wheel, there’s a single DPI button situated behind the scroll wheel and two buttons––– on the left side for easy thumb access.

Roccat Burst Pro Air mice in all their RGB lighting glory

(Image credit: Future)

Roccat Burst Pro Air review: Performance

  • Enough performance for any kind of gaming
  • Satisfying to use with plenty of customization

No matter how intense the action gets, the Roccat Burst Pro Air can handle it. Roccat’s in-house Owl-Eye sensor offers up to 19,000 DPI and 400 IPS tracking speed, while its Titan optical switches, good for up to 100 million clicks, actuate at the speed of light. Even its 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity offers incredibly short latency. Essentially, movements and presses are accurate and almost immediate.

The Roccat Burst Pro Air is more than just a fast mouse though. It’s also mostly a pleasure to use. The optical switches have as little or as much debounce as you want, and offer a satisfying mechanical feel when pressed. And, the mouse slides effortlessly across smooth surfaces like a mouse pad – although, admittedly, those PTFE feet don’t do nearly as well as expected on other surfaces.

Roccat Burst Pro Air mice in all their RGB lighting glory

(Image credit: Future)

Also not quite up to expectations is its battery life. While Roccat promises up to 100 hours, we found it to only last up to three days before needing to charge again, although that was with RGB lighting on and us using it for eight hours or more a day. Thankfully, 10 minutes of its USB-C rapid charging will result in five hours of playtime.

Via the Swarm app, there are plenty of customization available at your fingertips as well. The buttons are all programmable, the DPI switch’s five different settings can be adjusted to your liking, and the four RGB zones have plenty of customization. 

Roccat Burst Pro Air mice in all their RGB lighting glory

(Image credit: Future)

In addition, you can adjust how much debounce you experience when pressing – a nice touch you won’t find in most mice. If you need different settings for different games, there’s also onboard storage for up to five user profiles.

Unless you need more programmable buttons or a higher number of RGB zones for more fine-tuned brilliance, there’s not much more to ask from a gaming mouse. The Roccat Burst Pro Air is a stellar mouse, as long as you’re willing to pay for it.

Should I buy the Roccat Burst Pro Air? 

Roccat Burst Pro Air mice in all their RGB lighting glory

(Image credit: Future)

Buy it if…

You prioritize great performance
With its 19,000 DPI and 400 IPS tracking as well as those nearly immediate presses, not to mention its incredibly low-latency wireless connectivity, the Roccat Burst Pro Air has all the performance you could ask for from a gaming mouse.

You like RGB brilliance
The Roccat Burst Pro Air might not have as many RGB zones as other gaming mice, but what it has is brilliant and vibrant, lighting up almost the whole mouse. For fans of Roccat peripherals, it can be synced with other AIMO-enabled products.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re on a budget
While not the most expensive mouse on the market, the Burst Pro Air definitely not a budget option. If you don’t need a speedy wireless gaming mouse, you can save yourself a little cash. You just have to compromise on either connectivity, features or performance.

You want to use it on any surface
If you want something that can work on most surfaces, then this mouse is not the one for you. When used on a mouse pad, it slides around like a dream. But, it doesn’t perform nearly as well on other surfaces, like a regular desk pad.

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