ZTE Kis 3 Max review

More fudges than features with this budget handset

ZTE Kis 3 Max review
It's got the price right, but not enough else

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The ZTE Kis 3 Max comes with a 5MP rear camera along with a decent set of features for its price, including autofocus, geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection and panorama.

The images I took with the Kis 3 Max weren't too bad, and I've certainly seen worse image quality with cameras at this price range. Colour reproduction was accurate and there was a decent amount of detail captured, something that cameras on budget smartphones often miss, like on the Vodafone Smart 4 Power.

I also tried the panorama mode, but that didn't seem to work. The camera app also felt laggy at times, due to the underpowered components.

The biggest problem was when I first loaded up the camera app. I was only able to take two photos before a warning message appeared saying the camera was out of memory and that I would need to either delete some files or add an SD card.

Luckily I had an SD card on me, which allowed me to continue snapping photos. I hadn't had the Kis 3 Max all that long, and I only had a few extra apps, one song and a video file saved to the handset's internal memory so I wasn't too impressed with being told the memory had been filled up so quickly.

The Kis 3 Max also features a 2 megapixel front facing camera which is pretty generous for a camera at this price range, and the 'selfie' shots I took with the front camera were definitely some of the better quality ones I've seen.

The ZTE Kis 3 Max can also record video at 720p resolution at 30 frames per second. Although I was pleasantly surprised with the still photo quality of both the front and rear cameras, video footage wasn't great, with artefacts and a slight judder undermining image quality.

Sample images

ZTE Kis 3 Max review

Colour reproduction is good, though in direct sunlight details are missed. Click here for the full-res image.

ZTE Kis 3 Max review

In more forgiving lighting conditions, colour is better represented. Click here for the full-res image.

ZTE Kis 3 Max review

Wider shots can be taken, but at a cost. Click here for the full-res image.

ZTE Kis 3 Max review

Close up and macro shots suffer from poor detail reproduction. Click here for the full-res image.

ZTE Kis 3 Max review

The auto focus does a fair job at determining what kind of shot you're aiming forgiving. Click here for the full-res image.

ZTE Kis 3 Max review

The colour reproduction here gives a good sense of what a miserable day it was. Click here for the full-res image.

ZTE Kis 3 Max review

No, that's not a black hole over my right shoulder, the front facing camera can go a bit weird in direct sunlight. Click here for the full-res image.

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