Sony Xperia Acro S review

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Sony Xperia Acro S
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Contact management on the Acro S is easy to use, thanks to the apps clear iconography. After connecting three well-populated online accounts (Gmail, work email and Facebook) we were impressed with the way the Contacts app identified duplicated and automatically linked entries with the same names.

New contact

Given the level of Facebook integration we see across the Sony NXT UI, it is a bit disappointing that the Address book doesn't automatically use Facebook profile photos to fill the contacts database with smiling faces. It's not even an option when manually editing a contact's information. It does pull in birthdays from Facebook, which is handy, and relationship status, which is a tad creepy.

If you need to share your contacts, one or all, it is easy to do with Sony's app. You can send a VCF file of contacts via a message or email, and you can backup online contacts to either the internal storage or a memory card.

Making a phone call is as easy as you'd expect it to be. Sony keep a place saved on the launch dock visible on all home screens, so wherever you are, you can jump into the dialler app with ease.


The layout of the dialler app is pretty standard, with tabs across the top of the screen, though we like how Sony adds an extra tab which breaks down from which source you view your contacts. This is very handy if you have personal contacts saved on Gmail or your SIM card, and business contacts linked to an Exchange server.

To shortcut contact searching before a call you can type the name of a person on the keypad rather than their number, and the dialler will search your contacts for you.

Call quality on the Acro S is decent, but no more so than most mobile phones. We found the earpiece speaker volume to be loud enough, even we we took calls on the pavement beside a busy street. Sony also include headphones in the box with a hands-free microphone attached, if you prefer to take calls that way.