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Samsung SGH-i600 review

Samsung's latest is slimmer than ever

The SGH-i600 measures just 12mm in depth, yet is crammed with features

Our Verdict

Excellent connectivity and lots of features from this slimline smartphone


  • Highly compact

    Push email

    Good connectivity


  • Only Windows Mobile 5.0

    No office software

    Limited camera

Samsung has recently been making a name for itself as the maker of super-thin smartphones, and its corporate-led range is no exception. The SGH-i600 (£285 inc. VAT) measures just 12mm in depth, yet is crammed with features. At 2.3-inches, the display is similar in size to a regular smartphone. It's fitted in a landscape orientation, which makes it easier to view webpages and text messages.

Navigation is achieved by a four-way directional pad in the centre of the device, along with a scroll wheel on the side. Underneath these you'll find a QWERTY keypad. The Samsung is narrower than a BlackBerry and the keys are slightly more cramped. The buttons in the centre are dedicated to numbers - with each number assigned two keys. Once you get the hang of it, it's easier to enter numbers.

Extended battery

Although it looks cutting-edge, Windows Mobile 6.0 has been omitted; the SGH-i600 makes do with the older Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system. There's also no office suite, so you won't be able to edit or create documents. This is a shame, as it limits the keyboard to emailing and text messages.

Emails can be sent and received without delay, thanks to push email. With ActiveSync software included, accessing your contacts list couldn't be easier. Connectivity is comprehensive, with 3G enabling faster download speeds, and a Wi-Fi adapter that lets you connect to networks. Bluetooth is also built in.

The slimline casing means there's only room for a small battery. As sending emails and browsing the internet uses lots of power, Samsung has wisely included a larger, extended battery. With this fitted the phone is a little deeper than a BlackBerry, but battery life increases significantly. Under moderate use we managed to get nearly a week from a single charge, although it dropped to a couple of days when used heavily.

Standard software includes a custom start page - from which you can scroll through messages, photos and other settings. While it's little more than a fancy Today page, it does look and work reasonably well, letting you carry out plenty of functions without going through the Windows menus.

At 1.3-megapixels, the camera's resolution is lower than many rivals, but it's still fine for taking snapshots. There's also a VGA camera on the front for video calls. There's no button for launching the camera - you have to go into the menu, and there's also no dedicated shutter button.

Samsung's SGH-i600 is a stylish and accomplished all-rounder with excellent connectivity, but it's left trailing behind its Windows Mobile 6.0 rivals.