Pantech Breakout review

Will Pantech's first CDMA phone be their breakout device?

Pantech Breakout
Fast, sturdy, and cheap - what could go wrong?

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Pantech Breakout

The phone comes with a 1500 mAh battery, which gets absolutely smoked with LTE on. But turn it off (and you'll definitely turn it off if you own this phone) and you're greeted to a manageable battery.

Without the LTE, the phone can survive a workday with moderate usage. The Breakout is rated for 5.8 hours talk time, and 300 hours standby.

Pantech Breakout

While those are perfectly manageable numbers, it doesn't really change the fact that the budget phone's major selling-point is its LTE-capability, and using it will absolutely murder the phone's battery.

Pantech Breakout

If you use your Breakout to stream content over LTE, you can expect a sub 3-hour phone, as we did. This is obviously an expected casualty of a lighter price tag, but as the poster child for budget-priced LTE phones, it's a shame we can't recommend actually using the LTE.


The Pantech Breakout supports a slew of mid-level connections. It packs a dual-band antenna with 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as Bluetooth 3.0.

Pantech Breakout

Net Media serves as Pantech's included media file sharing app. It allows you to serve up files between DLNA-enabled devices.

We found the set up process to be simple enough - just connect to Wi-Fi and select your category of media (displayed in three huge buttons on the bottom of the screen that divide pictures, music, and video).

The phone is also connectible through included USB, which we found to both work without a hitch, and transfer files faster than Net Media.

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