Pantech Breakout review

Will Pantech's first CDMA phone be their breakout device?

Pantech Breakout
Fast, sturdy, and cheap - what could go wrong?

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LTE for less than a hundred bucks is definitely the Breakout's big selling point. But as fast as LTE is (and it's fast), if the browser is lackluster, even LTE won't sell many uses. So how does the Pantech Breakout perform?

Admirably. The Breakout features the same Android browser we've come to expect from 2.3.3, but like most of the UI, the browser is heavily skinned, but stays out of your way.

Pantech Breakout

Ultimately, it's the sheer speed of LTE that sells this device, and we're happy to report it was every bit as fast as the other LTE phones we've tested.

In fact, the Pantech Breakout reached even faster speeds than a few LTE phones we've tested - reaching 20.45Mbps download and 18.66Mbps uploaded.

That speed comes at a price, and as fast as you can upload you can also watch your battery go down. But if you buy this phone, LTE was probably the reason, so we'd advice bringing a charger just about everywhere you go, so you can tear through the internet anytime, any place.

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