Pantech Breakout review

Will Pantech's first CDMA phone be their breakout device?

Pantech Breakout
Fast, sturdy, and cheap - what could go wrong?

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Pantech Breakout

Dial, Call log, contacts, group, and Speed. Speed is a huge grid of assignable speed dials. If you use this to any great effect, it's hard to imagine that it will be any faster than simply scrolling through your long contacts list, though it's nice to assign a few heavy rotation numbers to the first, say five, before you hit that point of diminishing return.

Pantech Breakout

The Pantech Breakout features a huge dialer, but it's convoluted by a confusing drop-down button that doesn't actually drop down. It also doesn't feature auto-complete, so unless you've memorized dozens of phone numbers, you'll spend most of your time picking from numbers from the Contacts, Speed Dial, or Groups pane.

Call quality was alright, though background noise and an overall tinny sound reduced did affect many of our calls.

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