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Serif PagePlus X4 review

PagePlus X4 offers professional desktop publishing without the hefty price tag

Serif PagePlus X4
The new PhotoLab module offers built-in image-editing and basic repair tools

Our Verdict

An affordable and well equipped DTP package with some good features but not without a few small bugs


  • Photolab module
  • Dynamic magnetic snapping
  • PDF import


  • PDF and PSD import may have errors

Serif PagePlus X4 is a worthy upgrade to the X3 version, and Serif has been keen to turn it into a jack-of-all-trades DTP tool.

The new PhotoLab module builds on the introduction of the Logo Studio and Image Cutout Studio in X3.

Other new features include 'dynamic magnetic snapping', which can cleverly auto-align page elements such as headlines and callouts as you move them around the page.

Additionally, there's the ability to anchor an image to a specific piece of text, column, frame or margin.

Serif has also bulked up the importing options in PagePlus X4. Microsoft Word documents can be imported straight onto the page, while and Photoshop files are also supported.

There's also a powerful PDF import and editing feature, though it's worth noting that this does come with a small print caveat warning that "imported PDF and PSD files may not always import and may contain differences from the original files." Try it, but double-check the results.

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