Kodak ESP 1.2 review

Entry-level Kodak all-in-one with Wi-Fi

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The Kodak ESP 1.2 is a tidy all-rounder that represents good value for money. Considering the price, and the all-in-one nature of the machine, photo prints are of impressive quality.

We liked

Good photos, easy Wi-Fi set-up and printing, and an emphasis on keeping things simple for the new user.

We disliked

The control interface isn't as slick as the one on its stablemate. It's also a little noisy when it gets going.

Final verdict

While the Kodak ESP 1.2 is a good printer, the performance levels are so similar between the ESP 1.2 and ESP 3.2 that it's hard to see why Kodak felt the need to release both all-in-ones.

At £10 (around $15), the price difference is so negligible to not be a concern, and because the 'premium' gets you a better screen and interface on the Kodak ESP 3.2, that's where the sensible money should go.