Genius Traveler 350 review

Numerous buttons and a trackball mouse


TechRadar Verdict

Works as advertised but struck us as a solution to a problem that doesn't exist


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    Works well enough


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    Why would you but it?

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The Traveler 350 is a USB-powered trackball mouse with six buttons and a scroll wheel.

A tongue and groove holder in the form of a plastic base with a suction cup harnesses the device to your laptop. The trackball and buttons work well enough, although in a confined space it's difficult to master, while the 'Flip 3D' button appears only to work in Windows Vista.

The scroll wheel is also a little loose and clunky. The software comes with a Mac driver for programming the buttons and works fine.

Unnecessary product?

Irrespective of the faults, several things are working against the Traveler 350 being adopted by Mac users. Firstly, when attached to the front-left or front-right of a Mac laptop it stretches the USB cable over the other free ports.

But more than this, Mac laptops come with a perfectly good trackpad of their own, and many more function buttons, begging the question: why buy?