Kronaby review

Limited features, but a sturdy hybrid

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The Kronaby is limited in scope, but that’s partly the point of this hybrid, which wants to distil some of the best bits of the smartwatch experience.

Those best features are then mixed with beautiful design from a Swedish watch-maker that can rival some of the mid-range legacy fashion brands when it comes to high-quality timepieces.

Style is much more important than functionality here, but that’s not always a problem. This is just a much more fashion-led product than the tech powerhouse you may expect when you read the word smartwatch.

Who’s this for?

Don’t buy this watch if you’re looking for a super connected notification and fitness hub that you can wear on your wrist.

Instead of what the Samsung Gear Sport and Apple Watch 3 do, this is looking to give you the design and style of a normal high-end watch and combine it with a few features that may matter to you.

The outstanding battery life, top-end design and useful notifications show the Kronaby watch is built for those who prefer a simple experience that can tell the time and just a little bit more.

This is also for you if you want those things without anyone else knowing. Fitness trackers aren’t always the most fashionable items you can put on your wrist, thanks to plastic and basic designs, so there’s a simple satisfaction in knowing you’re tracking your steps and getting notifications while sporting a stylish, subtle wearable.

Should you buy it?

If you want those things laid out above, this does it all remarkably well. That said, while it may not cost as much as some of the high-end watches from big, established names, we have seen lower prices on just as well-built products.

For example, Fossil’s range of hybrid watches can feel and look just as good as this watch but in some cases cost under £100. The Fossil Q Commuter does almost everything this does, but only costs £159 / $155 / AU$279, so it’s hard to argue that the price is justified here.

But if you like the design of the Kronaby and you’re willing to pay that extra for it, you'll likely enjoy what it offers.

There’s a lot to love about this watch including the great battery life, interesting functionality and once again that design, so if you like what you see we’d recommend it as an upgrade to your existing hybrid or your first foray into the world of smart wristwear.

First reviewed: May 2018

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