iLife A7 robot vacuum review

Cleaning sucks.

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App control

The A7 has a companion app that allows you to control it and set schedules, but unfortunately for us we just couldn’t get it to work on either Android or iOS, despite assistance from iLife. The company have said that the app is still undergoing a few tweaks, so here’s hoping that a future update will correct this issue.


As mentioned before, iLife recommends emptying out the bin after ever clean cycle, and we’d suggest the same. The bin fills up fairly quickly, and pops out with a push of the button.

While the main bin compartment can be easily opened and tipped over to empty it, the struggle lies in the attached filter. It’s held in place a bit too firmly, and you have to hold on to two blue handles on either side in order to pry it out safely. 

Unfortunately when we finally managed to get it out, a beautiful cloud of dust showered our hands and floor, which no one would find appealing. There needs to be an easier way to remove this filter for cleaning, as you certainly don’t want it exploding dust in your face when you’re trying to clean it.

There’s the usual task of also cleaning out the brushes underneath, and the included tool is good for untangling hair and bits of animal fur as well.

Final verdict

For its price, the iLife A7 is certainly an affordable option for someone who’s never owned one of these before. It’s fairly compact, does a decent job of cleaning, and that’s really all you need.

Where things do go a bit downhill is the prep work that you’ll have to do beforehand, just to ensure the A7 doesn’t get stuck anywhere or gobbles up something it’s not supposed to. There’s also no easy way to block it off from exploring certain areas, and the fiddly dustbin can also be a bit of a headache.

The end result is a robot vacuum that just about gets the job done, so if that’s what you’re willing to pay for, then prepare to welcome the A7 into your home. For anyone else, there are a number of other cleaning companions you can look at, including maybe just vacuuming yourself.  

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