Glidetrack HD Hybrid Slider review

The Glidetrack Hybrid offers a portable dolly solution for DSLR cinematographers

Glidetrack HD Hybrid Slider
Get smooth sliding movements in your films

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Glidetrack hd hybrid slider review

The Glidetrack HD Hybrid Slider is a great investment for the more serious videographer, or for photographers looking to get into video and cinema.

The Hybrid is a big step up from the previous models in terms of performance and versatility, and the only likely cause of regret will be not going for a longer track. But this is likely to be true regardless of the length you opt for, as the full set of possibilities this device offers start to become clear.

The cost is broadly comparable to similar products on the market, and offers good value for money. Cheaper options from Glidetrack still offer much of the functionality of the HD Hybrid Slider, without the refinements, and might be a better bet for cost-conscious students or hobbyists.

We liked

The Glidetrack enables you to add an instant production value 'power-up' to your DSLR shots, providing the smooth tracking and crane motion associated with professional film crews.

The versatility and relatively low cost make this a great investment for any film maker hoping to use a Canon EOS 5D Mark II or similar video-capable DSLR to make movies on a budget, without compromising on quality.

We disliked

The carriage-retaining screw is milled with a very tight tolerance, providing little clearance into the foot area and potentially causing a shudder in your shots. The weight of the slider is enough that a single tripod mount isn't enough should you want to elevate the slider, and the foot assembly can be a touch wobbly (although this doesn't affect the camera's shots).


Offering to add a utilitarian but highly effective visual polish to your DSLR video shots, removing camera wobble and with highly versatile usage scenarios, the Glidetrack HD Hybrid Slider is a great bit of kit, and we're fully sold on the idea.

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