icecrypt t2400

We've no complaints about the picture quality from the T2400's DVB-T2 tuners, with high definition channels in particular producing spotless images.

A transmission of The One Show on BBC One HD presents some detailed close-ups while a broadcast of Planet Earth on BBC HD demonstrates some smooth and detailed panoramas of Western Australia that teem with colour and life.

Standard definition programmes are a notch below expectations; there's an over-arching softness that suggests a less than impressive upscaler inside the T2400, though Icecrypt assures us that the drivers will be updated in a software upgrade due next week.


Insert a USB stick and the T2400 adds an extra dimension you might not have expected to find on a Freeview HD recorder – digital media playback. Press the media button and there's a choice of MP3, Photo or Media – the latter applying only to video files.

AVI files encoded with XviD or DivX work fine, and we even managed to get a bevy of DivX HD files – saved as MKV files – to play without hitches. Here the picture quality is highly watchable, though hardly benchmark – we spotted a touch of grain amid a slight jerkiness to playback. This, say Icecrypt, will also be addressed imminently by new drivers.