The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 might not include one of our most wanted upgrades

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 review
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 is fast approaching, with a launch rumored for July – but whether it will be worth buying is another matter entirely, because one of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 upgrades we most want apparently won’t be happening.

This is according to leaker @UniverseIce, who has a good track record and claims on X that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 will have a 4,400mAh battery with 25W charging. If that sounds familiar it’s probably because those are exactly the same battery specs as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Now, we don’t expect every spec to improve with every new model, but the battery is definitely among the most needed upgrades, as 4,400mAh is positively tiny for a phone with two screens – one of which is likely to be almost tablet-sized.

It’s also smaller than the batteries in key foldable rivals like the OnePlus Open and the Google Pixel Fold, so it’s unlikely that there are technical reasons for keeping it this small.

A 25W charging speed is also disappointingly slow, especially when you consider that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra can manage 45W. But the OnePlus Open has even more charging power at 67W, and some phones can reach well over 100W.

So if this leak is accurate then the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 will have a small, slow charging battery. While there’s a chance @UniverseIce is wrong, they sound very confident, adding in a follow up post that this is the ‘final’ configuration.

There’s still some hope

That said, while this also matches up with an earlier Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 battery leak, it’s at odds with another previous leak, which suggested the Z Fold 6 would have a slightly larger 4,600mAh battery. So that remains a possibility.

Our greatest hope though comes from rumors of a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra, which if it exists may well have a bigger battery.

That said, whether this phone exists is still in question, and a recent leak suggested the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra might only launch in South Korea, so getting hold of it could be easier said than done.

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