Even if there is a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra you might not be able to buy it

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 review
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

Will there be a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra? Or what about a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE? These are perhaps the biggest questions surrounding Samsung’s upcoming foldable phones, as we’ve seen leaks about both a super-premium Ultra model and a more affordable FE version, and there’s still uncertainty over whether one, both, or neither will actually launch.

The latest leak again points towards a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra being in the works, as GalaxyClub (via NotebookCheck) claims that Samsung is working on a device with the model number SM-F958.

Now, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 has the model number SM-F946, and the last digit on Samsung’s Fold model numbers is always a 6 – so the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 will most likely be the SM-F956.

So what about SM-F958? Well, the number ‘8’ is used at the end of model numbers for Samsung’s Ultra phones, with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra for example having the model number SM-928.

So, with SM-F958 looking like a Z Fold model number, but with an 8 at the end, the logical assumption is that this is the rumored Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra.

Coming to a store not so near you

The bad news, however, is that you might not be able to buy this phone – and we don’t just mean because it’s sure to be out of most people’s reach price-wise.

You see, the complete model number spotted by GalaxyClub is actually SM-F958N, with that ‘N’ at the end denoting that it’s intended for South Korea. The site goes so far as to say that this South Korean model is the only version that “appears to be under development.”

Now, it’s entirely possible that GalaxyClub’s information is wrong or incomplete, so even if it’s right about the model numbers there could be variants planned for the rest of the world too. But it’s not impossible that Samsung would limit this phone to its home country, especially while testing the waters with the first generation of a foldable Ultra device.

We should also add that none of this precludes the possibility of a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold FE launching as well. It’s entirely possible that Samsung is working on both, and perhaps the more affordable FE will also be more widely available.

Leaks and past form suggest that the standard Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 will be announced in late July, alongside the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6, so we might also see the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra and/or FE then too – although we’ve heard elsewhere that if there is a Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE, it might land later, in September or October. Whatever, we’ll be sure to update you on all the news and leaks in the meantime.

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