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Wisdom ScreenHunter review

Powerful free screen grabbing, but is it worth upgrading to the paid version?

Wisdom Screenhunter
Even the free version of ScreenHunter offers plenty of options

Our Verdict

The free version will suffice for most people, but pro users will feel pretty happy too


  • Excellent freeware version
  • Simple interface


  • Editing only in Pro version
  • Needs more file formats

In its freeware form ScreenHunter offers possibly one of the best freeware screengrab packages available.

You can have it running in your system tray and captures are made either by clicking 'Capture Now' or by pressing a hotkey of your choosing.

You can grab video in full-screen at the same resolution as your desktop, grab from within a resizeable rectangular window (or choose from different shape) or use the freehand option to draw a shape to capture within.

Initiating a grab generates a camera click sound with the file automatically named (using a pre-determined system) and stored in a location of your choosing. You can also make timed captures at specified intervals and have them saved to the clipboard.

File format support in the freeware version is limited to BMP or JPEG with quality settings. If you want more you need to whip out your credit card and step up to the Plus version, which has a useful gif support and automatic e-mailing and printing options.

Or you can splash for the full Pro Version which, in addition to the features found in Plus, lets you grab in tiff format and from multiple monitors.

It's also the only version that features editing capability handled in another (surprise) very Paint-style editing application. Here you can crop and resize photos, change hue, colour and saturation, add watermarks or borders and insert text and annotations.

All very useful then, though the fact remains that the freeware version will suit the needs of most readers, not least because it has the bonus of being mercifully free of the tagging enforced by the freeware incarnation of closest rival Hypersnap.

If you want more flexibility, however, then the licensed versions are worth investigating and relatively inexpensive.

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