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Early Innovations PhotoLinker 2.0 review

A cool interactive geotagging tool to help you track and annotate your images

Early Innovations PhotoLinker 2.0
Manually assigning locations to images that haven't been tagged is easy

Our Verdict

A great geotagging and annotation package if you don't have iPhoto Places


  • Easy to manually load locations
  • Customisable annotation fields


  • Some maps US territories only
  • Unnecessary for iPhoto '09 users

Photolinker 2.0 is a neat piece of software that pulls the GPS data from your files and locates them on its world maps.

While there's a small variety of good maps to choose from, you won't be able to tap into any of the favourites such as Google Earth, and some of the detailed satellite views (which are the most fun to look at) are restricted to US territories.

If you're using a camera without a GPS marking function, entering locations manually is easy. Photolinker 2.0 not only offers good geotagging features but also boasts sophisticated annotation functionality that claims to take the drudgery out of adding your keywords and metadata. It's doubtful anything could do that, but it does make it fairly painless nonetheless.


ALL-IN-ONE: The metadata window for Photolinker 2.0 puts all the fields in one easy to navigate page

It's customisable and easy to use, but no better than other software a keen photographer will already have such as Adobe Bridge or Lightroom 2.0.

While this package is pretty slick, there are obvious comparisons to be made with iPhoto's Places, and it's difficult to see a compelling reason to spend the extra cash.

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