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Anthropics Portrait Professional review

Can you really give someone a complete makeover in just a couple of minutes?

Portrait Professional-Main
In full auto, Portrait Professional has a habit of changing the shapes of faces to its own 'ideal' look

Our Verdict

A simple way to give portraits a digital facelift, but you need to fine-tune settings for optimum results. The standard edition is a bargain and, for an extra £20, the Studio version adds support for RAW images and 16-bit editing


  • Intuitive menu system
  • Easy to use


  • Automatic corrections
  • Facial sculpting can be freaky

Thanks to the covers of glossy women's (and men's) magazines, nobody wants to look their best in portraits anymore. They want to look perfect.

Anthropics Portrait Professional aims to bypass hours of laborious Photoshop work and reducing the whole digital makeover to a few deft mouse clicks.

The process begins with clicking on the corners of the eyes and mouth, the tip of the nose and jaw, the hairline and so on, then redefining the outlines around the eyes, lips and cheeks by dragging the mouse.

Facial reconstruction

Next, the program converts your original portrait into an idealised facial structure, complete with skin smoothing, blemish removal, eye tweaks and more. The new Version 8 goes further still, with options to re-colour eyes and thicken hair, all by way of a more intuitive menu system.

In practice, default adjustments can be a little OTT, especially for facial sculpting, changing the shape of a subject's face in an almost freaky way. However, thanks to the ability to reign in any part of the process, it's remarkably quick and easy to achieve natural results.