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Samsung 10-megapixel camera debuts in US

Samsung USA has just announced the NV11, the fourth model in its NV series of point-and-shoot cameras.

Key features of the 10-megapixel camera include a Schneider 5x optical zoom lens and SmartTouch - a touchscreen interface that enable you to access many of the cameras functions simply by swiping your finger over the NV11's 2.7-inch LCD.

Other features include Samsung's face recognition technology which picks out people in a scene and then adjusts the focus and exposure so they can be seen in their best light.

The Samsung NV11 is also capable of shooting 30 frame per second (fps) MPEG4 videos and includes image stabiliser technology to reduce camera shake.

There's no word yet on when the NV11 will be announced in the UK. You can see more detailed specs at the Samsung USA camera website .