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Samsung announces H-Series camcorders for UK

Samsung's HMX series gets UK launch
Samsung's HMX series gets UK launch

Samsung has unveiled its H-Series camcorder range for the UK, comprising four new models.

Originally shown off at CES 2010, the HMX-H200, HMX-203, HMX-H204, and HMX-H205 camcorders sport a number of pretty smart features, including a BSI CMOS imaging sensor, Full HD capabilities and solid-state memory.

Samsung believes that getting rid of a plain-old disk-based drive means that you'll be able to get around two hours' battery life.

20x zoom

All camcorders come with an expandable memory SD/SDHC port but house different internal memory.

The H205 is the biggest memory provider with a 32GB SSD, followed by the H204 with 16GB memory and the H203 with 8GB memory.

Interestingly, the H200 has no internal memory at all. Instead, what you are left with is just the SD card slot.

Image-wise, the camcorders come packing an impressive 20x optical zoom and a 37mm wide-angle lens. And you can take stills using the cam's 4.7MP sensor.

Samsung still isn't forthcoming about a UK release date or pricing but expect them to hit the shops in the next few months.