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Samsung drops Apple lawsuit

Galaxy - at the heart of the lawsuit
Galaxy - at the heart of the lawsuit

Samsung has withdrawn one of its lawsuits against Apple – with the Korean giant suggesting it is 'streamlining legal proceedings'.

The litigation between phonemakers over various patents and innovations has reached a dizzying scale, but aside from keeping several law firms in business, the sheer amounts of money mean that this kind of thing is treated very seriously.

This particular counter claim was in response to Apple's litigation over the Samsung Galaxy infringing on its iOS devices the iPad and iPhone.


This is by no means the end of litigation between Samsung and Apple – and the dropping of one particular legal pursuit is to apparently pursue a counter-claim in an earlier suit.

Nam Ki Yung, a spokesman for Samsung told Bloomberg that "[we] will continue to actively defend and protect our intellectual property."

Apple – as you would expect – has not commented on the situation.