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True-zoom Samsung G800 cameraphone on the way

The rumoured Samsung G800 would be an upgraded version of the 5-megapixel Samsung G600, launched last week

Only last week, Samsung launched its 5-megapixel Samsung G600 mobile phone. But already it's developing an even more advanced cameraphone.

The Samsung G800 will share the same 5-megapixel sensor as its predecessor, but it'll include a sliding cover under which a lens with a 5.6-17.4mm autofocus range will appear. Real-world zoom is often missing from mobile phone cameras so if this model appears it'll be good news for photographers on the move.

Flash may also be upgraded from LED to a bright Xenon flash to illuminate more distant subjects. And web access could be upgraded to HSDPA to add bandwidth for the camera, which is also enabled for video calls, Electronista reported.

As it's still in development, the specific features and functions of the Samsung G800 remain shady. Some speculations suggest that it'll use Nokia's Symbian Series 40 or 60 interface. There may also be a touchscreen for input.

The device is scheduled for release in early 2008, primarily for the European market.