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Samsung shows off flexible OLED tablet concept

Samsung shows off flexible OLED tablet concept
Samsung - all about the flexi-time

Samsung has released a new video showing what tablets could be like in the future, with a video showing just how much fun we could all have with see-through flexible displays in our lives.

One of the excellent things about OLED is that it can indeed be bent in all manner of directions and the concept video shows a person with a bendable see-through tablet and using it for augmented reality, location-based information and the like.

Bend me, shake me…

Back in May, Samsung showcased a new type of touch technology which utilised OLED and was completely bendable.

The protorype comprised two AMOLED panels, silicone rubber, a glass cover and a modular case for it all to sit in.

The prototype is set for use in phones and tablets in the future and now the company has given us another glimpse at what it thinks tablets will be like a few years down the line.

Check out the video and watch and see the see-through gadget for yourself.

Via SlashGear