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An early look at the Samsung N310 netbook

Samsung N310
Samsung N310 - pretty but pretty expensive

Samsung's N310 netbook has arrived at What Laptop, with its reviewer more impressed with the 'pebble' keyboard than the near-£400 price tag.

The N310 is the follow up to Samsung's popular NC10 netbook.

As we saw in our hands on back in March it scores points for its design, but there is a suggestion that its specifications do not necessarily put it above its peers.

"Undoubtedly the N310's best feature is its pebble keyboard," says What Laptop's hands-on, before mentioning a paltry 148 minutes of battery life.

'Comes at a cost'

"While the N310 is a great machine boasting good usability and performance, it comes at a cost," they conclude.

"There may not be better looking netbooks available, but there are plenty which offer similar performance at a cheaper price."

So if netbook keyboards annoy you but you want portability, then the Samsung N310 could well be the one for you, but if you want value for money you may want to look elsewhere.

Via What Laptop