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P2P traffic on the wane

iPlayer stemming the flow of P2P traffic
iPlayer stemming the flow of P2P traffic

New statistics by British internet service provider PlusNet shows that peer-to-peer traffic on the internet is dropping.

While P2P traffic takes up 25.9 per cent of all internet traffic whizzing through ISP PlusNet, this is down from last year.

PlusNet has revealed that while last year the total amount of P2P info was 13.4TB a day last year it has been lowered to 12.2TB a day this year.

Less filesharing

PlusNet thinks that it may not just be justice being served to people using P2P networks illegally, but because of the influx of streaming video on the web.

"It may be that services like iPlayer and 4OD are turning customers away from P2P downloads," said Dave Tomlinson of PlusNet back in June.

"Or it could be stories like the filesharing letters or the proposed three strikes policy that is changing peoples' thinking."

Video streaming in the UK now accounts for 6.6 per cent of PlusNet's traffic, with the likes of BBC's iPlayer driving this traffic.

This figured was boosted even more recently with the Olympics, where PlusNet saw another surge in video streaming.